Beyond Deployments – Cloud,
the Canvas for Composability

In the current discourse, cloud discussions often revolve around workloads, infrastructure, operations, and security. However, beneath that tip lies the true iceberg of cloud-native principles and its role in enabling everything that modern banking architecture needs to be. With its core elements such as microservices, stateless processes, distributed database, service mesh, CI/CD, streaming and messaging, and more, cloud-native architecture is the cornerstone on which the towering skyscraper of composable banking is built.

Reimagine UI/UX with Finacle Digital Banking Platform

UI/UX composability, made possible with Finacle

Our low-code-no-code experience stack, featuring a clear front-to-back decoupling and a headless architecture, transforms banking experiences. Create custom, consistent, and best-of-breed frontend experiences, without any back-end restrictions. Simplify system complexities with banking-specific models, while empowering users to configure and orchestrate persona-specific contextual experiences at the right stage, time, and touchpoint. Explore our array of Backend for Frontend (BFF) APIs, seamlessly integrating experience services for a smooth, interconnected user interface across applications

With Finacle, Experience a Truly Cloud-native Platform

We embody a cloud-native architectural philosophy, rooted in CNCF principles and 12 factor app methodology. This allows us to hollow out our core and carve out independently deployable, manageable and scalable business engines and components grounds up as right grained microservices. You can assemble these components with your business and domain context to create purpose-fit solutions. Our applications run in a containerized environment orchestrated by Kubernetes, which is supported in all cloud environments and lends a cloud-neutral deployment approach to enable functional and horizontal scalability without vendor lock-in. With a range of deep-rooted elements such as stateless processes, service mesh and other core tenets, Finacle’s cloud-native architecture can propel your digital banking transformation journey to the next gear.

Microservices architecture

Stateless processes



Declarative APIs and RESTful APIs


Service mesh

Observability and analysis

Container registry and run times

Streaming and messaging

Finacle’s cloud-native approach – Key tenets

The foundational cogs powering Finacle’s Composable Architecture

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Company Overview

CWG, a pan-African IT solutions firm, specializes in a broad spectrum of IT services, including communication and integration, infrastructure, managed support, cloud solutions, and software.

As a leading provider of IT services across Africa, CWG has established a strong partnership network that connects businesses, enterprises, governments, customers, and consumers. They utilize value-added services to drive operational efficiency and enhance performance in their respective endeavors.

Service Offerings

From software innovations to robust infrastructure and expert consulting services, CWG is committed to optimizing operations and elevating customer experiences.

Software Implementation:

  • Core banking systems
  • Payment platforms
  • Fraud management tools

Infrastructure Offerings:

  • Data centers
  • Colocation services
  • Cloud services

Training and Consulting Services:

  • Technology training
  • Best practices guidance
  • Project and initiative consulting

Finacle Delivery Capabilities

  • End-to-end Installation of Finacle Applications
  • Implementation and upgradation projects related to Finacle Program Management, Customization, Business Process Definition, Detailed Requirement Definition
  • Robust testing capabilities along with managed services
  • Resource augmentation and services for Go-Live Support, Training, and Post Implementation Support
  • 100% track record of successful Finacle implementation in West Africa
  • Over 90 highly skilled service support representatives