Finacle Insights

Drive better business outcomes using actionable insights

Finacle Insights is a cloud-native, advanced analytics solution, that is database agnostic and is built on an open architecture. With seamless data ingestion capabilities spanning across multiple structured and unstructured data sources, the solution integrates banking specific data models with new-age open-source technologies. A wide range of insights-led APIs and business rules enable banks to rapidly develop and deliver real-time, contextual, actionable insights. Solution’s integrated business intelligence stack offers pre-configured business dashboards to drive enhanced decision making. Further, the solution is host-agnostic and seamlessly interacts with both Finacle and non-Finacle systems.

Globally, banks are leveraging Finacle Insights to unlock new revenue opportunities, drive better customer engagement and improve operational efficiencies.

Bank Sohar

Learn how Finacle helped Bank Sohar, one of the largest in Oman, to deploy embedded analytics and gain deeper insights throughout the customer journey

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Finacle Data Lake

Highly scalable, hybrid data management solution

  • Offers a BIAN inspired, banking-specific data models
  • Ingests structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources, using built-in adapters
  • Integrates data into a single source of truth, provides 360-degree view of customer
  • Stores data in banking standard verticals such as accounts, party, transactions, products, etc.
  • Publishes data to external systems using REST APIs
  • Comes pre-integrated with Finacle solutions

Business Intelligence Stack

Pre-configured business dashboards for faster decision making

  • Customer dashboards to help bank drive better engagement across the lifecycle
  • Sales and productivity dashboards to help banks gain rich insights on sales and channel performance
  • Product and segment centric dashboards delivering intuitive insights on payment trends, liquidity management, portfolio rebalancing and more
  • Executive Dashboards customized for C-level executives, offering a range on insights on critical business KPIs with a holistic view

Insights API

Deliver embedded analytics through open APIs

  • Highly scalable ,database agnostic, open framework for seamless integration
  • Embedded data lake powering analytics on demand for quick actions
  • Robust rule-based engine for faster data processing and decision making
  • Integrated publishing layer powered by APIs for faster data transfers across applications

Helping banks enable customers for better decision making with real-time insights




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