Keep your customer updated with notifications and alerts

The solution intelligently updates customers on their preferred mode of communication using a unified messaging engine.

Enterprise Level Alerts

Seamless enterprise alerting across host systems and multiple channels

Personalized Notifications

Customer choose their preferred alert delivery mode and time

Unmatched Flexibility

Configurable business rules to capture events and notify customers real-time

Multilingual Alerts

Easily adaptable to support language choice of your customer

Real-time and Batch-based Triggers

Triggering of the alerts can be done on a real-time basis or on a batch basis

Library of Alerts to Choose From

Choose from a library of alerts built using global experience

Key Benefits

Banks can now notify customers with instant updates on a real-time basis

  • Deliver multi-channel alerts to anywhere at anytime

  • Enhanced customer experience with self-servicing

  • Serve all customer segments effectively

  • Delight customers with alerts in their language

  • Publish alerts across devices including wearables

  • Reduce frauds with timely alerts to customers

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