Keep your customer updated with notifications and alerts

Finacle Alerts is a comprehensive solution that enables banks to send real-time notifications to their customers, keeping them informed about their account activities. The solution offers a wide range of customizable alerts that can be sent through multiple channels, including SMS, email, and mobile notifications.

With Finacle Alerts, banks can provide their customers with a personalized and proactive banking experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The solution also helps banks reduce the risk of fraud and improve their operational efficiency by automating the alert process. Finacle Alerts is a powerful tool that helps banks stay ahead of the competition by delivering exceptional customer service.

Finacle Promise

ESG consciousness within the bank, leading to lower emissions, improved operational efficiency, longer equipment replacement cycles, greater inclusion, more empowerment and more protection to customers and their data

Building a portfolio of Sustainable products and services that encourage ESG-friendly choices and lifestyles

ESG conscious lending to retail and corporate customers that aligns with sustainable development goals

Driving ESG influence in the bank’s ecosystem, incentivizing stakeholders, vendors, partners and customers to be more ESG-conscious

Comprehensive Capabilities

Empowering you to do more.

The solution empowers banks to provide multi-channel alerts to customers about transactions and events recorded by the bank’s diverse business systems. It can provide alerts for the bank’s internal users as well.

The key features of the solution are –

Library of alert types to choose from
Activity, Actionable, Purpose, Promotion, and Personalized

Multiple persona alert capabilities
Bank users, auditors, retail customers, corporate customers, third-party entities

Multi-channel delivery
Including push and pull type channels like SMS, Email, and Fax

Real-time and batch-based triggers
Triggering of the alerts can be done on a real-tIme basis or a batch basis

Personalized notifications
Customers can choose the alerts, preferred delivery mode, and preferred delivery time

Unmatched flexibility
Configurable business rules to capture events and notify customers as well as bank employees

Multi-enabled – multiple languages,entities, time zone, etc.
Easily adaptable to support the various language preference of the end users, in different timezones

Advanced Architecture

Built on the principles of interoperability and openness for collaboration.

Flexible adoption

The solution can be installed and upgraded independently, either on-premises or over a cloud infrastructure.

Multi*entity capability

Solution provides multi-channel, multi-entity, multi-currency, multi-lingual, and multi- time zone capabilities to support operations across geographies.

Seamless integration

The solution capabilities are exposed through APIs to enable banks to connect and co-innovate with customers, partners, and the extended ecosystem.

Secure application

Solution offers a robust security foundation protecting the infrastructure, data, and application layers. It offers end to end transparency and traceability of the alerts.

Core agnostic

This enterprise solution works seamlessly with Finacle as well as other core banking, channel and CRM applications.


Solution is proven for high availability and performance. The solution supports horizontal, vertical, and functional scalability.

Benefits Amplified

Unlocking business potential, elevating customer engagement


Enhanced customer delight

  • Improved customer experience for ease of banking such as – rent alerts, bill payment, suspicious activity alerts
  • Customers desired personalization for various events like Do Not Disturb (DND) set up no alerts
  • Actionable Alerts for timely action by the customer like Insurance premium, trade finance approvals, credit card payments


Increased process efficiencies and collaboration

  • Helps collaborate seamlessly with the bank’s many business engines, optimizing process time and responsiveness to customer imperatives
  • Provides flexibility to assign priority to events, channels, and modes of execution
  • Track failures such as undelivered alerts and reroute notifications through alternate modes for uninterrupted service


Better risk and compliance

  • Control center view to perform inquiries on exceptional activities like suspicious transactions, abnormal spending
  • Effective risk management by notifying users of customer data risk alerts like KYC compliance, transaction monitoring
  • Enable banks to comply with diverse customer-related regulatory requirements, including opt-in/opt-out consent and data privacy

Finacle provides a sturdy foundation for unlocking data-driven insights and harnessing the potential of AI:

  • Layered OLTP and OLAP architecture
  • Real-time data processing, and embedded insights
  • BIAN-inspired data models
  • Domain-based data marts
  • Event streaming and asynchronous interfaces
  • Self-service data infrastructure

The Finacle AI Platform simplifies the process of integrating AI into businesses, making it easier to develop, initiate, and apply AI use cases. This platform is designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing data scientists with varying skill levels to use it, whether on a cloud-based or on-site infrastructure.

  • Pre-built AI models for tasks such as classification, regression, clustering, and forecasting
  • Transparency and explainability throughout the entire ML lifecycle
  • Experimentation with different models and features
  • What-if analysis to find the most impactful outcomes
  • Pre-built algorithms offered as APIs for integration into different business applications – Lending | Wealth Management | Digital Engagement | …

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