Key features

Can the customer’s branch banking experience can be designed like a café without the traditional queues and the demarcated sections? Learn how tellers, relationship managers and agents can now easily engage with customers and service their requests in a more personalized manner

Transform the Branch Banking Experience

Assist customers from anywhere within the branch

Provides Relationship Management Mobility

Recommend products and perform transactions for the customer from anywhere and at anytime

Easier Onboarding of Customers

Ensure faster onboarding with remote data capture of prospects

Facilitate Offline Banking

Customers in offsite locations with limited connectivity can also bank with support from agents and relationship managers

Authenticates Customers with Remote Biometrics

Biometric authentication will now ensure that data is secure during all customer interactions

Provides a Solution to Perform Cross-functional Activities

Bankers can now toggle across roles of a teller, relationship manager and an agent to help customers

Key benefits

  • Intuitive dashboards with ease of navigation

  • Reduction in time and effort to service a customer

  • Seamless data sync with back-end systems

  • Advanced security with biometric authentication

  • Rapid deployment and easy integration

  • Ability to showcase new product offerings

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