Helping Banks Offer Shariah Compliant Islamic Products

Finacle Islamic Banking is a comprehensive solution offering expansive coverage across Investment Products, Financing Products, Trade Finance & Treasury and is built on an advanced architecture. It has proven expertise in transforming Islamic Banking across middle east and south east regions.

It is AAOIFI compliant and caters to both Islamic Financial Institutions and Islamic Window models.

The Finacle Promise

Empower you to engage and operate better with a modern, Shariah compliant platform

Comprehensive, Componentized Solution

A comprehensive solution to drive business value

Islamic Investment Products: Mudarabah Investments, Wakalah, Commodity Murabaha, Wadiah, Pool management & profit sharing.

Islamic Financing Products: Murabaha, Ijara & Forward Ijara, Salam & Parallel Salam, Qard, Istisna & Parallel Istisna, Musharaka – Diminishing/Partnership, Mudaraba.

Trade Finance Products: Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees / Shipping Guarantees, Collections, Financing.

Treasury Products: Mudarbah, Murabaha, Wakala, Sukuk, Foreign Exchange.

The Platform is Built on an Advanced Architecture

Future proof your business with a modern platform that is agile, flexible and scalable

Cloud native

Composable architecture

Scalability, performance and resilience

Configurability and extensibility

Event-driven architecture

Truly 24*7 and real-time processing

Multi* capabilities

Data and insights driven

Simplified Transformation

Experience agile, risk-mitigated modernization

Whether it is a big bang switchover, progressive deployment or complete overhaul, Finacle helps your bank transform at its own pace.

Reference bank

  • Global best practices + innovations + localized solution
  • Coverage for local products–parameterization for geospecific innovations
  • Interface configuration for local payments systems, third party agencies

Phased transformation

  • Progressive modernization
  • A phase-wise approach
  • Business priority mapping and value realization

Agile delivery

  • SAFe Agile Practice
  • CI-CD, end to end release automation
  • Progressive launches

Unified customer view

Customer led product design

Customer Centric Business Operations

Engage Better

Deliver personalized products and superior engagements
  • Customer centricity driven deeper customer insights, making data work across the business
  • Adopt a configurable customer led product design
  • Drive customer centric business operations with bundled products, preferential pricing, premium products and an enhanced digital experience

Operate Better

Automation & Operational excellence while being Shariah compliant
  • Automate Payments processing, Underwriting approvals, Financing Lifecycle Management
  • AAOIFI Compliant while providing capabilities for profit distribution models

Enabling Shariah Compliance

Enabling Operational Effectiveness

Digital Servicing

Join the global community of corporate banking leaders innovating with Finacle Islamic Banking

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