Voice From The Desk

Michael Reh
By Michael Reh,
Executive Vice President, Infosys and CEO (designate), EdgeVerve

Digital technologies are evolving fast and consumers are adopting these technologies faster than ever before. This self-propelling combination of technology advancement and consumer behavior evolution is disrupting the status quo, and enabling startups to challenge established players and norms. Banks that understand the dynamics of this paradigm shift are adapting quickly. But today, the term digital is used loosely for anything online. What does being digital really mean? And what separates the digitally enabled bank from the truly digital one? We believe there are four hallmarks. Our cover story in this edition talks about them and defines what makes a bank truly digital.  It also covers some of the work we have been doing in this space to help our clients advance their digital strategies.

From blockchain to cloud and wearables, our Feature follows the digital thread and takes a look at technology trends for 2016. And the Big Bet builds on this further to differentiate between the renewal bank, the adaptive, and the visionary bank.  In this edition of FinacleConnect, we also cover the findings from the study that we did together with Efma – the seventh edition of the annual Global Innovation in Retail Banking Study. It reveals some very interesting facts and statistics about the financial services sector and the disruption we are seeing in it.

In this edition we feature three insightful interviews with the winners of the BAI- Infosys Finacle Innovation Awards. The first is with Fidor Bank AG. Carsten Luth, VP Fidor Group International talks about his bank’s journey, and its way ahead. Next, we have Andrew Deringer, VP, Head of Financial Institutions Group talking about Lending Club and what makes it tick. The third is an interview with Małgorzata Szturmowicz, Board Member, Idea Bank, which is pioneering the mobile ATM. We also have a guest article by Debbie Bianucci, president and CEO of BAI on how the winning combination of leadership and technology can drive global financial services innovation.

The Finacle Client Innovation Awards celebrate notable innovations by Finacle clients leveraging our solutions. Do have a look inside to see the full coverage. Another piece that requires a call out in this edition is the Fintech one that takes a closer look at the Singapore fintech ecosystem. And the Kaleidoscope articles this time covers Italy and France, two important banking markets in Europe. All of this and more in store this time. Do enjoy this issue and have a great year ahead!