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Key offerings

Performance tuning from Finacle is tailored into distinct packages to meet the rigors of the different business requirments of the bank

Preparation for a Major Rollout

Preparation for a major rollout after pilot implementation

Mergers or Acquisitions

Addition of a large number of branches, as a result of mergers or acquisitions

Business Transaction Volumes

Concentrated effort to manage significant growth in business transaction volumes

Solution Performance Degradation

Issues arising from solution performance degradation

Finacle Solution Environment

Inclusion of new modules to the Finacle solution environment or third party applications accessing

Business benefits

  • Improved business continuity

  • Realization of improved response time

  • Reduction in end of day, beginning of day and month

  • Improved ROI

  • Eliminating performance related issues

  • Optimization of CPU utilization

  • Agility of operations