The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people and businesses like never before. They are wondering how they can weather the financial impact on their lives and business. A better analysis of their financial situation and simulations of potential options to select the right path will help them get back on track faster.

Here, we present to you a set of tools including financial calculators, simulators and modelers that will precisely model how financial products work, leaving out guesswork or misunderstandings.



A component of our Digital Engagement Suite. It comes with a comprehensive set of 120+ applications – Simulators | Product comparisons | What if Analysis | Personalized Illustrations | Goal Planners, to help customer to make informed decisions about their money.

Key tools / features that are very relevant today:

Flexible Mortgage Illustrator to help customers re-plan loans considering holiday and grace period simulations, skip interest for a given period, extend maturity, reinitiate interest application from a later date, indexed repayments and more

Loan Repayment Calculator is ideal in scenarios where customer or regulations requires your bank to apply “only interest” for a given period for existing loans. This tool enables customers to visualize the repayments ahead

Rate Comparison Calculator for individual research, assessing various products of your bank – loans and deposits – to decide which works best for them. The tool also helps show the comparison of same loan with different rates of interest and helps take better informed decisions

Savings Forecast Simulator highlights the details of the best savings product among multiple products

Budget Planner to forecast monthly expenses and plan savings more smartly, given the dynamics in current times

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