The Dynamic World of Corporate Cash Management

Cash management complexities are on the rise today. Amidst the backdrop of a continuously shifting operating landscape, corporate treasurers are confronted with a complex array of challenges in cash management, ranging from heightened inflationary pressures and geopolitical volatility to the nuanced intricacies of sustainable finance. Coupled with the perpetual flux of business dynamics, which includes rapid shifts like the rise of instant payments, adoption of open banking frameworks, and stringent regulatory demands, along with the digital revolution in cash management, the task of devising innovative strategies appears dauntingly complex.

To empower corporate treasurers and drive superior treasury outcomes, banks must arm them with the necessary tools to navigate the intricacies of daily treasury operations while enabling delivery of strategic value through robust technology foundations.

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A Potent Formula for Banks to Drive Better Corporate Treasury Outcomes

Optimize day-to-day treasury operations

  • Segregate cash in-flow and out-flows, scaling forecasting capabilities
  • Improve cash concentration and pooling efforts
  • Shorten working capital cycle by streamlining AR/AP
  • Optimize safety and return on surplus liquidity
  • Streamline borrowing and other cost

Step up to deliver strategic value

  • Build a clear view of short-term and long-term exposures and cash flows
  • Improve liquidity decision making
  • Enhance operational efficiencies within the corporate accounting landscape
  • Reduce idle cash by unlocking liquidity from cash traps

Better corporate treasury outcomes

  • Optimal working capital management
  • Effective risk management
  • Enhanced cash visibility and liquidity planning
  • Reduced financing costs
  • Improved cash ROI
  • Better treasury operations

Reimagining Digital Cash Management: Banks' New Approach

To effectively deliver on their promise of comprehensively enabling corporate treasurers, banks need to offer innovative global cash and liquidity management solutions that provide the much-needed flexibility and self-serve capabilities that empower corporates to take control of their financial operations. Achieving this requires banks to fundamentally rethink digital cash management services along the three foundational pillars of cash visibility, mobility, and intelligent cash management. With this continumm-led approach to transforming their cash management offerings, banks will be able to drive continuous maturity and successfully respond to evolving client needs.

Transforming Your Cash Management Offerings with Finacle

Finacle serves as an invaluable business partner for banks, facilitating their journey of scaling the continuum of cash management. With its comprehensive and componentized suite of solutions, Finacle covers the entire gamut of cash management needs, providing banks with a powerful toolkit to meet the diverse requirements of their corporate clients. From liquidity planning and virtual account management to cash flow forecasting and digital engagement, Finacle’s range of offerings ensures that banks can offer holistic and tailored cash management solutions to their customers. This comprehensive suite empowers banks to enhance their value proposition, strengthen client relationships, and drive innovation in the dynamic landscape of cash management services.

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Scaling the cash management continuum with Finacle solutions

Finacle is an invaluable partner for banks in scaling their cash management continuum. With a proven credentials in enabling cash visibility, mobility, and management, our comprehensive suite of solutions covers liquidity planning, virtual account management, cash flow forecasting, and digital engagement. By leveraging the Finacle Cash Management solution, banks can effectively address the varied needs of corporate clients efficiently, enhancing their value proposition and driving innovation in Cash Management services.

How can banks empower corporate treasurers to achieve better treasury outcomes?