Unlock True Power of Virtual Accounts

The Scenarios e-Book: Unlock True Power of Virtual Accounts

Embrace 7 key industry use cases to leap forward

Virtual accounts are helping businesses drive efficient payables
and receivables management, and enhanced controls over their
cashflows. So it’s no surprise that every progressive financial
institution is investing to scale its virtual accounts offering to
create customer value and stickiness. In this e-book, we
highlight 7 key use cases that are finding significant traction.
Download your copy to leap forward with virtual accounts.

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Finacle Virtual Accounts Management

Build new propositions even with your legacy core

Finacle Virtual Accounts Management, an industry-leading
core-agnostic solution, is digitally transforming cash management
services of corporate banks worldwide. With a broad range of account
virtualization capabilities and an APIs-led digital self-serve model, the
solution enables business clients to manage their global, multi-bank,
multi-currency positions with enhanced visibility and controls.
Leveraging Finacle solution with their existing core, global banks are
empowering corporates to transform their treasury operations,
streamline their payments and receivables, and reimagine inhouse
banking dynamics while lowering costs.

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Unlock True Power of Virtual Accounts

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