Why are banks unable to unlock the full potential of Real-Time Payments (RTP)?

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The RTP business opportunity is well established – but a majority of banks are unable to fully leverage the opportunity, held back by inflexible legacy systems, high running costs, scalability issues, complex compliance standards and cybersecurity imperatives. In this scenario with multiple constraints, embracing Payments Composability is key for banks to succeed.

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What does Payments Composability entail?


Composability involves seamlessly connecting different components or modules within a bank, enabling flexible and dynamic combinations. A composable platform provides the needed flexibility for aggregating products, reducing time-to-market, enhancing resilience, and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

7 steps towards building a Composable Payments Platform

Finacle Payments helps banks successfully transform and modernize their payments landscape to deliver real-time, frictionless payments experiences – anytime, anywhere. A truly digital, real-time platform to accelerate your payments modernization journey. Built on a modern architecture, the componentized suite has helped banks and payments focused financial technology companies around the world to reimagine their business with digital technologies to drive new revenue streams.

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