Banking on Cloud – It’s no longer about adoption, but about acceleration

In this hyper-competitive banking race where digital challengers are threatening banks’ dominance, cloud has the potential to become not only an equalizer, but an enabler of competitive advantage. However, to unlock the full potential, banks must adopt the right strategy based on their context, and
act decisively with agility.

It’s time to switch gears
Six compelling reasons to accelerate your cloud journey

  • Handle volatility and sudden seasonal spikes with ease
  • Play the ecosystem game with platform-based models enabled by cloud
  • Reduce time-to-market with accelerated turnarounds in product innovation and enhancements
  • Catalyze the multiplier effect on cloud, with modern technologies amplifying each other’s impact
  • Enhance the resilience factor with minimal downtime, maximum security and strong compliance on cloud
  • Gear up for digital proliferation with a cloud-led IT strategy

The road ahead – 5 laps to win the cloud grand prix


Scale cloud maturity by moving along the cloud continuum

Adopt multi-pronged transformation approaches for application migration

Go the full distance and unlock true value

Play the hybrid game

Embrace the multi-cloud paradigm

Let Finacle’s cloud crew assist you
Our digital engine can get you across the checkered flag

Finacle offers a cloud-native, cloud-agnostic digital banking suite that can be deployed flexibly – on a private, public, or hybrid cloud – to suit your bank’s requirements.

Our applications are built on a cloud-native framework based on Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) standards and follow the Twelve-factor App Methodology. Our applications run in a containerized environment orchestrated by Kubernetes, which is supported in all cloud environments.

Whether your bank is looking to transition entirely to the cloud or do it progressively in phases, Finacle provides the necessary flexibility and support.

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Private cloud deployment

Deployment in the client managed private cloud environment

Client managed public cloud

Deployment in the bank managed public cloud environment

Software as a service – Single tenant model

Solutions offered as a service by Finacle or partner, full opex model

Software as a service –Multitenancy model

Multi-tenant service offered by Finacle or partner, full opex mode

Flexible deployment options