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Being Resilient with a Cognitive & Connected Supply chain

The Future Belongs to the Resilient

Why pivoting to a ‘Connected Cognitive Supply Chain’ is a competitive advantage?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain management is more critical than ever. It has forced organizations to rethink their global supply chain models, assessing opportunities for continued growth and ascertaining strategies for greater resilience.

In these uncertain times, how can companies manage supply chain risks? How can companies improve end-to-end visibility?

Responding to business disruption and supply chain challenges — from creating an ecosystem of flexible supply networks to preparing for potential shifts — is a top priority. It calls for supply chain resilience across industries by leveraging technologies such as AI and Automation to help businesses slow down the global repercussions of an unexpected crisis. Investing in supply chain resilience provides organizations with the strength to better prepare for future disruptions.

What encompasses supply chain resilience?

Enterprises’ ability to be ‘connected’ and ‘cognitive’ define the supply chain resilience:

  • Connected – Has accurate, end-to-end, near real-time visibility across all its parts — distributors, retailers, and local stores. On the demand side, this will give the brand sell-through sales and inventory visibility.

  • Cognitive – Leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to process complex datasets and variables to make accurate predictions. However, the true power lies in its ability to sense and adjust in real-time.

The TradeEdge suite of products is designed for enterprises to achieve this vision. We’ve enabled 26 global enterprises — across CPG, apparel, beauty, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and technology industries to embark on this journey.

Strengthen Resilience against Credit Losses

Reducing credit losses with AI-powered insights

Financial institutions worldwide are trying to reinvent themselves by acquiring and retaining a loyal customer base by delivering superior customer experiences.

Financial institutions require a robust business resilience strategy when it comes to withstanding crises or any adverse global events. Economic downturns give rise to unexpected credit losses, limited resources, rising delinquencies, and a spike in credit requests, compelling lending institutions to relook at their operating models. With organizations in uncharted waters, business continuity programs are integral to navigate the financial and operational challenges, uncovering opportunities to sustain growth.

In addition, implementing AI-powered solutions help banks and financial institutions predict customer needs, the ability of customers to pay, and identify high-risk customers. Developing AI components, along with reliable business models, transform the financial ecosystem in more ways than one. AI helps gain deeper customer insights, provide hyper-personalization, and predict and prevent customer churn. Moreover, ML algorithms mitigate credit default risk, and enable banks to make insight-informed decisions, delivering desired business outcomes.

How can banks enable seamless business continuity with a majority of staff working remotely in these difficult times? Why is financial resilience planning critical to upturn a bleak economic situation?

Financial institutions can utilize FinXEdge suite’s AI capabilities to boost their revenues by acquiring valuable customers, offering them rightly-matched loans, and cross-selling better. It also presents an opportunity to reduce losses by managing default and fraud more efficiently.

FinXEdge Collect Jumpstart Program

Resilience against Credit Losses in 21 days

The Jumpstart program will help your Collections team:

  • Identify “At-Risk” Segment & Prioritize Assistance Programs to truly deserving customers
  • Identify good customers who are likely to revive cash flow faster
  • Achieve an increase in Collections ROI by a Reduction in Roll rates in Early Stage Delinquency
  • Deliver an Optimal Customer Experience

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Build Resilient Procurement Processes

Mitigating procurement risks in a post-COVID world – Leveraging TradeEdge Spend Analytics to respond to supply chain challenges

According to a survey by McKinsey, visibility, transparency, and data-driven decision-making will become non-negotiable for every business’ supply chain.

The COVID-19 outbreak is compelling enterprises to relook their global supply chain models. Without a thorough business continuity plan in place, most large enterprises are experiencing major disruptions to their supply chain operations — from identifying at-risk suppliers to understanding hidden risks in contracts.

Resilience through risk mitigation is more crucial than ever. As economies are looking to rebound, procurement leaders are turning to AI technologies to build greater resilience to help them deal with unexpected disruptions. Leveraging emerging technologies such as AI calls for a robust procurement risk management strategy. As companies scramble to understand key matters, including the application of the force majeure clause and its impact on contracts, projecting stock-out scenarios, and extending the supplier network, resiliency combined with new supply chain technologies is becoming an integral element of the business strategy.

How can procurement organizations gain end-to-end visibility? How can companies respond to and predict supply chain issues?

Powered by machine learning algorithms to identify, assess, and mitigate procurement risks, TradeEdge Spend Analytics is the go-to solution for CPOs, procurement managers, or operations analysts. TradeEdge Spend Analytics offers end-to-end visibility across all kinds of potential risks, be it supplier risks, contractual risks, or category risks, contributing to broader goals of cost optimization, risk moderation, supplier performance, and more.

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