Moratorium Ends Soon. Delinquencies will show up. Are you ready?

With a lot of displacement in the workforce and ambiguity on the economy normalizing, you need to be prepared and ready when the time comes where you resume recoveries and follow ups

Strike a balance between offering right assistance programs and resuming collections

Traditional models would take months to start seeing the trends. FinXEdge Collect Jumpstart Program factors a COVID-19 Risk Adjustment model and has pre-built Debt Collection industry specific models that infuse AI to provide accurate customer risk segmentation.

The Jumpstart program will help your Collections team:

How does it work?

Ingest data into FinXEdge Collect

FinXEdge Collect augments this data with their pre-built industry specific models coupled with a COVID-19 Risk adjustment model to give an AI-assisted Risk-based Segmentation of Customers

Jumpstart your collections with our actionable insights

Learn more on how you can accelerate your debt collections

With an AI-infused Collections process, empower your Collections teams to:

Proactively manage risk – Risk segment customers

Accelerate insights to predict delinquencies and charge offs

Make risk-aware decisions

Jumpstart your journey today!


Building resilience against credit losses with AI-powered FinXEdge Collect for now, and the new future

With banks and financial institutions implementing relief measures to help customers navigate the COVID-19 crisis, it is also important to equip lenders and collection agencies in arresting delinquencies and losses. This whitepaper recommends a two-pronged strategy to manage credit risks and strategize for the new normal. Learn more on how you can implement FinXEdge Collect and leverage its AI capabilities for your organization.

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