Latent Value in Unstructured Data

In part one of this podcast series on Xtract Insights, Swaminathan Natarajan takes us through the latent and hidden value that unstructured data contains for enterprises. Over 80-90% of data within organizations are locked in digital & physical documents, which in turn remain unutilized by them. This unstructured data, if used efficiently, can uncover tremendous value for an enterprise. What are the various tools available to extract insights from unstructured data? What is a document extraction, processing and comprehension pipeline, and how does it work? What are the different issues enterprises face with data, and how do they solve them with the right partner? Tune in to hear the expert’s perspective.

Swaminathan Natarajan

Global Product Head, XtractEdge,
EdgeVerve Systems Ltd. (An Infosys Company)

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