Increase accountability in social services with a specialized procurement solution

The delivery of social services to citizens have always been an area of focus for governments across the world. Recently, Governments have recognized the benefits that an intelligent procurement solution could deliver in selecting and contracting with the right service providers and managing the performance of these social service contracts. The recent pandemic saw governments across the globe accelerate the delivery of various social services to help vulnerable citizens in their time of need. Traditionally governments were using grant management systems to manage such social service contracts, however these systems were typically not integrated with upstream Contract Management systems resulting in a lack of visibility into the impact of the social investments made by Governments.

Listen to this podcast to understand how a specialized procurement solution will increase accountability among social service providers and help the government achieve targeted outcomes.

Craig Harris

AVP – Senior Principal – Customer Success,
EdgeVerve Systems Ltd. (An Infosys Company)

Manzur Ali

Manager – Client Services,
EdgeVerve Systems Ltd. (An Infosys Company)

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