Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Digital Engagement Sales and Marketing

Empower your bank’s field force with actionable intelligence on their finger-tips. The new CRMNEXT mobile app is sleek, super-light, super-intelligent and super-fast. Accelerate your business growth with CRMNEXT.

Watch & Learn

Loan in 30 Seconds with CRMEXT

An automobile has become faster, efficient and simpler to own. Thanks to CRMNEXT, it has also become faster, easier and simpler to finance the same. With its proprietary AutoFlow TM and Autonoma TM Integration technologies, CRMNEXT has helped Bajaj achieve “straight-through-processing” to provide loans to any new customer in just 30 seconds!

Axis Bank Journey with CRMNEXT

Watch how Axis Bank drove sales efficiency with a unified CRM Platform using CRMNEXT. Covering 78,000+ users across 2,700+ branches in 7 countries, CRMNEXT turned a typical CRM into a full-fledged business solution.

BIG FM CRMNEXT Testimonial

BIG FM is one of the largest radio networks in India with over 45 channels. The network uses CRMNEXT to manage its sales, service and customer engagement. CRMNEXT has provided a single strategy execution platform which has helped Big FM to plan and execute daring visions and strategy and maintain its leadership position.

App Screens

Home Page


GPS Tracking

Geo Allocation


Sales Automation

  • Lead, Account Contact & Opportunity Management
  • Sales Coach
  • Shared Task & Calendar
  • Forecasting
  • Online Sales Manager
  • Deduping
  • Business Rule Engine
  • Multi Level Territory
  • Alerts & Escalations
  • Multi Level Product & Services
  • Competition Tracking
  • Lead Routing
  • Real Time Alerts

 Customer Engagement and Service

  • Case management
  • Case routing
  • Case escalation
  • Online case capture
  • Knowledge management
  • Auto-response email
  • Customer self service portal
  • CTI integration
  • Training management
  • Data Leak Protection

Digital Customer Journeys

  • Visually build agile and intuitive customer journeys
  • Drag and drop, don't code
  • Rich branded UI UX
  • Seamless integration to fetch data from multiple sources
  • Enable faster end to end fulfillment.
  • Create screen layout and workflows.


CRMNEXT Mobile will enable you to work smarter anytime!

Access your work activities quickly on any device

Manage activity leads and view 360-degree customer information

Schedule meetings quickly with GPS geotagging

Quickly edit leads on the move

Keep a watch on opportunities and campaigns through analytical reports

Manage people, projects, approvals and timesheets on the move