As a global organization, Mondelez had historically dealt with disparities in the way in which it worked with distributors across established and emerging markets.

Mondelez wanted to establish verifiable data on what it paid distributors internally and for clearer visibility across the enterprise. Mondelez not only wanted to invest in technology and tools for its distributors in emerging markets but also needed something scalable that could move from market to market as well as adapt to the many varying go-to-market scenarios and formats Mondelez participates in around the world.

To solve the problems of visibility, consistency, and scalability, Mondelez chose to work with EdgeVerve, using EdgeVerve’s TradeEdge application.




Key Highlights

  • TradeEdge helped streamline distributor business processes and create consistency of operations

  • Not only are data entry roles now 70% more efficient, but the employees redeployed into the sales force are increasing account sizes and the number of accounts

  • Moreover, the AI tools of TradeEdge are expected to add more value in terms of recommendations based on past purchase patterns, current demand, and new products.

Solution Snapshot

Operational challenge

Data was inconsistent and not always verifiable between distributors and Mondelez.

Project duration

Four months


Employee productivity increased by 65–70%, and workers were able to be redeployed in sales, further increasing brand reach.