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Make contactless payments possible on any device with ToneTag. ToneTag is a sound based proximity communication provider that enables contactless proximity communication, payments, location based services and customer engagement services among a multitude of other solutions.

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ToneTag – Inventing experience over sound waves

ToneTag enables contactless payments through sound. With ToneTag technology, anyone with any device, even feature phones with or without internet can pay contactless. ToneTag has filed 17 global patents to build great use cases and excitement in payment as well as offline retail space.

ToneTag enables contactless payments

ToneTag enables contactless payments through sound. The only requirement for mobile payments through ToneTag is the integration of the ToneTag proprietary SDK on the merchant (EDC, POS, Phone) and customer (Mobile banking, wallet, payment apps) side. Once integrated, the customer can make payments using any payment instrument such as mobile wallets, credit/debit cards, bank account, supported loyalty cards etc.

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ToneTag - Inventing experiences

ToneTag in Partner apps

ToneTag in Partner apps


Contactless Payments on any Device

ToneTag technology can enable payments through any device like laptops, PCs, tablets, EDCs, mPOS, smartphones and even feature phones

Works on existing infrastructure

ToneTag is completely platform and hardware independent and works on 100% existing infrastructure

Cost effective

ToneTag technology is highly affordable and scalable since it does not require Infrastructure investments from merchants and retailers and can be enabled with just a software upgrade.


ToneTag technology brings multiple benefits

Enable any device to make or accept payments

You need not invest in any additional infrastructure. ToneTag works on existing infrastructure

Offer a frictionless payment experience

Save cost