Verisure: Instant assured delivery

Sales and Marketing

Ensure delivery of time-critical instant messages such as OTP and mobile verification with Verisure, the instant assured delivery platform by ValueFirst. With Verisure, you can rest assured that your customers never complain about snags like these hampering their experience of your product or service.


Parallel submission across channels

Send critical alerts over multiple channels (SMS, Email or Voice) simultaneously to make sure OTP (One time Password) or intended communication is received.

Choice of Order of communication medium

Configure the order of channels (SMS, Email, Voice) for delivery as per your customers’ preferences

Differentiated Delivery

Ensure differentiated QoS for critical use cases with dedicated infrastructure


Advantages for new customers

Ensure close to 100% delivery rate with automated routing and flexible configuration options

Hassle-free delivery with single API integration

Manage better with a comprehensive real time MIS

Provide user-friendly service to your customers with automated voice call or IVR for OTP

Go live with the solution in less than 5 hours

Assurance with 24x7 monitoring