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Applied Analytics Data Visualization

FinBot is a data visualisation engine and reporting application which can mash up data from multiple databases and derive meaning out of huge volume of data

Watch & Learn

Overview - Finbot

Learn more about the offering

Feature drive through

A brief visual introduction to FinBot which highlights the key features

Leadership showcase

Prashant K Shrivastava, CEO & Founder,  speaking about the future vision for Nurture

App Screens

FinBot App Login

Exploding pie chart of top depositors

Report distribution to Queue and Email

List of Admin operations


Data Visualisation Engine

Data from multiple databases can be mashed and presented visually in meaningful ways

Generate Report in Multiple Formats

Reports can be generated and downloaded in mutiple formats like PDF, DOC, XLS, XML etc

Schedule and Distribute your Report Generation

Report generation can be scheduled once and Finbot automatically generates and distributes report during defined intervals


Visualization for different business groups

Report Access Control via Roles

Distribution of reports through e-mail

EOD and DB/OS Performance Visualization


Auto Scheduling of reports