Surbo – AI enabled Chatbots for business

Digital Engagement Channels

Now build chatbots for your business! Sign up, create and explore the automation possibilities with a simple Chatbot that uses a conversational user interface to interact with your audience across multiple channels.

App Screens

Simple Interface to Add Text & Images

Variety of Question Types Supported

Unified view of Bots Interface


Keyword Extractor

Map keywords users would relate to for a particular intent and trigger actions seamlessly. Buy denims or book a cab, everything happens seamlessly!


Drive user-centric brand conversations with branching logic defined for freedom to the end-user.

Natural Language Programming

Understand and answer user queries with pre-defined answers. Surbo’s inbuilt NLP engine allows the machine to understand human language.


Give your brand a personality

Enhance user experience with real time response

Benefit from extensive automation

Engage your customers interactively

Manage better with a detailed MIS

Enjoy 24x7 support