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Engage with your customers intelligently across devices using AI. Enterprise AI Platform is an AI engine that can be deployed on premise or on the cloud. The engine comes pre trained with data models of financial services such as retail, wealth, insurance, and corporate banking.

App Screens

Know Your Customer

Integrated Rewards Program

Really Know Your Customer

Actionable Push Notifications


Omni Channel

Engage customers via voice, text, messaging, websites, IOT Devices, IVR, and Virtual Reality. Connect to over 14 different channels including FB Messenger, SMS, WeChat and others

AI Neutral Conversations

Seamlessly connect and switch between cloud (Watson, Luis) and Active’s enterprise AI APIs (Triniti). Orchestrate natural conversational workflows by stitching together channel inputs, AI, and UI.

Connect, Manage and Analyse

Integrate seamlessly to multiple enterprise datasources across messaging formats and protocols. Administer all components like channels, AI, workflows, integrations via the web portal. Measure customer interactions, transactions, conversations, performance and accuracy.


We believe customers will be engaging in unstructured micro-conversations with their banks. Active.ai will be helping banks and other financial institutions to intuitively and intelligently engage with the customer on mobile, chat, or voice enabled IOT devices using AI.

Future proof your AI strategy

 Sell better (right place, right time, right offer)

Increase revenue with new conversational channels

Improve service efficiency

Improve analytics, predictive actions & workflows

Increase your brand engagement