How Process Discovery Works Towards Amplifying Operational Productivity

How Process Discovery Works Towards Amplifying Operational Productivity

Little wonder that Automation has been a saving grace for many organizations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations that were quick to adapt their operating models and processes survived, ensuring business continuity.

However, one of the challenges and a common stumbling block is identifying the ideal process candidate. How can enterprises realize the full value of automation programs? How can they acquire an accurate and comprehensive mapping of all their business processes?

One such tool that can accelerate understanding or process know-how is Process Discovery. Process Discovery is an automated, data-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that helps identify the processes to automate and designs automation workflows, making it a core component of organizational agility.

This report, created in collaboration with SSON, discusses how Process Discovery works and its role in enterprise transformation and driving operational productivity.

Download the report to know how Process Discovery can lead to value realization of RPA and better ROI down the road.


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