Key Recommendations


Build an assessment model to guide the process of RPA platform selection

Showing interest in RPA technology and assessing the feasibility will turn heads because of how much time it saves and how much it boosts productivity. Proofs of concept enable both business and IT to work toward a common goal and, finally, the implementation of technology.


Use automation to influence employees’ roles for the better

Automation technologies clearly impact people across the organization. Human/machine interactions are invisible and buried; others are front and center. Some will have a huge impact on social experiences and the employee’s journey — employees can focus on more meaningful tasks that allow them to be creative, think on the spot, and develop better client relationships.


Look beyond Robotic Process Automation

RPA is not the be all, end all of enterprise digital transformation efforts. It should be considered as only a part of a wider range of automation solutions.

Why Automation:

  • Automation is assisting digital transformation
  • Attitudinal resistance towards automation can be managed
  • Arriving at a well thought-out implementation process can deliver
  • Technology vendors could be your best partners

Watch the Webinar

Watch the webinar with Forrester on how to drive digital transformation with an efficient RPA-AI operating model and leverage the best practices for RPA.


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