What is the current state of automation and AI projects within the enterprise environment?

And how effectively are enterprises managing the transition from intelligent automation to AI?


As automation and artificial intelligence (AI) become increasingly prevalent, many organizations are grappling with questions such as these. In particular, as the concept of ‘intelligent enterprise’ gains traction across sectors, there is an increasing need to consider both automation and AI as tools on the intelligent enterprise (IE) continuum.

This report, which draws on the findings of market research conducted in early 2018, highlights how organizations are managing the transition from automation to AI, as well as the current opportunities and market trends to be aware of.




Sudhir Jha
SVP & Global Head of Product Management & Strategy


Prior to joining Infosys in June of 2016 as SVP & Global Head of ProductManagement & Strategy, Sudhir spent more than 9 years at Google where his last role was as the product head of policy enforcement for Google’s multi-billion dollar Personalized Ads products.

In a previous position, he led financial fraud management across all Google products, establishing company’s leadership in the industry. Before that he helped Google develop its first proprietary CRM system, now used by its worldwide sales team. Previously, Sudhir held leadership roles with three startups, two of which were successfully acquired. Sudhir started his career at Intel, where he held various roles in product marketing and software engineering during his eight-year tenure. Sudhir holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from IIT Kanpur, a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Rochester and an MBA from Santa Clara University





Malay Saurabh
Product Management & Strategy


Malay is a seasoned professional and thought leader in Robotic Process Automation and AI. With over 17 years in the industry, he has spent majority of his time working on the Products, handling technicalities of the product to owning the Product Management, Marketing & Strategy for the Product line.

Along with handling a commercially successful software product on Automation, he has also worked on Micro Services, Open Source Softwares, Business Applications and Workplace Amplification. In his previous avatar at Infosys, he delivered value in various roles of software engineering and project delivery for his clients working at all levels from shop floor to C levels.