RPA Balance scorecard™

Sustain, Scale and Succeed!

For a successful Automation (RPA) journey, an Enterprise should focus on four key perspectives

The AssistEdge RPA balance scorecard™ is devised to track these aspects for a holistic view

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Key Perspectives in the RPA Balanced Framework Scorecard Framework™

Incorporate the FOUR key perspectives for a scalable and sustainable Robotic process automation program


Expected Outcomes

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Financial Impact

considers the organization’s financial performance and the use of financial resources such as the cost-benefit or return on investment (ROI) of a particular RPA program

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Customer Impact

considers the customer or other key stakeholders (vendors, suppliers, employees, and contractors) that the organization is designed to serve through optimal customer service quality and response time

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Enterprise Program Management


considers the performance of RPA programs by measuring quality, efficiency, governance, and ease of adoption

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People & Change Management

considers the performance of RPA programs by measuring learnability, adoption, technology, culture, and other capacities

About AssistEdge


AssistEdge is a scalable automation platform that uses software robots to transform business processes and operations. It comprises four key products that allow enterprises execute partial automations to end-to-end automation of repetitive processes – all through a single platform. With deployments across varied industries, AssistEdge helps companies increase employee productivity and process accuracy, reduces turnaround time and operational costs.



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