Constellation shortlist

The Constellation ShortList™ presents vendors in different categories of the market relevant to early adopters.In his report titled- “The Constellation ShortList” Alan has shortlisted EdgeVerve among 8 from more than 40+ vendors after a careful selection and fitment of following criteria:

  • Attended operations/Unattended operations/Data pooling and collection
  • Bot development
  • Control room
  • Reporting tools and analytics
  • Resilience
  • Macro or scripted automation
  • IT automation business process management
  • Plug-in architecture tools and integration
  • Automation management features
  • Product versus services focus
  • Input/output options

This Constellation ShortList of vendors for a market category is compiled through conversations with early adopter clients, independent analysis, and briefings with vendors and partners.

Constellation Research

What can you expect with RPA?

Organizations that employ RPA can increase the accuracy and efficiency of processes, and free up employees to focus on areas such as innovation and relationship building. This augmented humanity approach complements existing automation initiatives while delivering huge returns on investment as workers are redeployed to do more interesting and advanced work.

Buyers can expect the introduction of more machine learning and artificial intelligence in future product roadmaps.

Infosys Nia is an advanced step for over 100+ customers currently using AssistEdge RPA