Curtin University

Curtin University is western Australia’s largest and most culturally diverse university with Australia’s third largest international student population. With Automation and AI transforming businesses and opening avenues for career progression, Curtin University looked at adopting AssistEdge to increase efficiency and train their students on these technologies.


As Curtin University has many legacy systems which are not easy to integrate, there are a number of processes which require high manual intervention. With 8000 transactions per year and 10 minutes spent on an average on each transaction, they wanted to automate these manual processes and increase productivity.



To address their unique needs, Curtin University wanted to implement a solution that easily integrates with their existing systems and automates processes across functions. They selected AssistEdge to automate multiple Internal processes such as financial services, expense management, leave delegation in legacy ERP systems, students services, Information management and archiving.

Apart from making their business processes more efficient, Curtin University also successfully integrated students into their RPA team. AssistEdge helped students advance their careers by adding relevant skills and preparing them for their future workplace. These students were also able to work along with the University RPA team and benefit the project with their knowledge.



Upon implementing AssistEdge, Curtin University experienced:

  • Significant savings, increased efficiency and higher accuracy across their internal business processes
  • Reduction in time spent on business operations and issue resolution
  • Quick solutions with successful and seamless multi system integration
  • Enabling career development for students by training them on futuristic technologies such as Automation and AI

“Using AssistEdge, the real value for Curtin University has been the simplicity, the speed at which we can operate, seamless multiple system integration. It allows us to get to the crux of the issue and resolve it quickly as well.”

Matthew Rainbow, Deputy Director People Business Improvement, Curtin University


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