Cloud-Based Automation – Driving Agility, Scale and Control

Cloud-Based Automation – Driving Agility, Scale and Control

Today’s enterprises operate in fast-paced digital markets and are actively reinventing themselves in preparation for the digital age. This transformation is happening from the inside out. To ensure they meet their business initiatives, organizations rely on agile, technology-driven performance enablers, such as RPA, with the challenge being to ensure fast, reliable and scalable solutions. The extent to which organizations succeed in implementing digital transformation separates the winners from those that lag behind.

Over the past four years, while RPA has proven successful in automating business processes and decreasing operative costs, many organizations have run into critical challenges in implementation. These cover process selection and change management, but also some more tactical issues like the gap in skills required to build robots, challenges in supporting RPA through IT infrastructure, and higher than expected bot implementation and maintenance costs.

Whilst automation continues to see significant growth in enterprise implementation, the provider side has been evolving to offer new solutions that combine the performance benefits of RPA with a more user-friendly solution that requires fewer resources from the business.

Cloud-based automation is one such opportunity, leveraging the power of process automation delivered through the cloud. The key advantage lies in effectively ‘outsourcing’ the management of the digital workforce to a third party, and the ability to pay for work on an as needed basis. Organizations thus have a faster and cheaper route to intelligent automation via cloud-based solutions. Already, two out of three enterprises are committed to adopting cloud-based applications, predominantly to leverage cost, agility and scale. Download this report to know the benefits of cloud-based automation and tips on how to move forward.


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