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Can Intelligent Automation replace humans?

Can Intelligent Automation get smarter than humans?

At EdgeVerve, we envision a world where the two forces – the human worker and digital worker converge to co-create the future worker, enabling a synergy of people, process, and technology.

As automation gains momentum, businesses need to look at building a solid foundation to embark on the Autonomous Operations journey — an end state of the future workforce.

“Autonomous Operations” refers to a highly customer-centric and agile oriented state of constant improvement and optimization through the future workforce, opening up an expanded horizon of possibilities.

The Forrester report throws light on how enterprises can come closer to achieving the vision of Autonomous Operations, the state of RPA adoption and the future needs of these organizations. Take the next step toward Autonomous Operations!

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Autonomous Operations

Traversing the Autonomous Operations journey — from rule-based automation towards a state of Autonomous Operations

Why should enterprises view humans and digital bots as a unified, coordinated workforce? Why should enterprises consider exploring the concept of Autonomous Operations?

Autonomous Operations is a journey where a variety of automations — including attended and unattended automation along with AI capabilities will unleash unprecedented value touching every process, every employee and every system in the enterprise. It has the potential to bring humans and the evolved digital worker closer than ever.

To achieve this end state, enterprises need to redesign processes, capitalize on a new set of capabilities, and revamp IT landscape management. The change though is complicated requires both a top-down and bottom-up approach to ensure stability and openness within the organization. It requires the C-Suite to endorse this initiative, and educate and inspire employees to embark towards the Autonomous Operations journey.

It opens up new possibilities where the human and digital workers will collaborate seamlessly to create the future of the enterprise.

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AssistEdge RPA 18.0 enables enterprises to realize the full potential of automation by offering Scalability, Security, Intelligence, and Innovation.

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The Autonomous Operations whitepaper highlights why enterprises need to develop an automation strategy that will sketch end-to-end customer journeys, why RPA is here to stay, and how enterprises can ensure seamless interaction between the human and digital workforce. Begin your journey towards Autonomous Operations today!

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