Using Computer Vision To Extract Text More Accurately From Images


Download this whitepaper to know how Computer Vision technology can be applied to extract text more accurately from images as compared with OCR technology, which has limitations and gives lesser accuracy.

Business processes, today, involve high volumes of extraction and processing of content from documents, often in near real-time. Unpredictable volumes, and the need for faster turnaround and high accuracy require automating various stages of document processing including automating extraction of content from the documents in real-time. Many enterprises today have a pressing need to automatically and intelligently extract content from different types of documents.

Traditional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and tools on their own are ineffective in accurately extracting such content. There is an increasing need for Computer Vision based tools to accurately detect and narrow down target objects within images. OCR when applied on these localized objects are far more accurate, than when applied on the entire document.

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