Uniken – We Make Connecting Safe

Digital Engagement Risk Management

Uniken enables your customers to connect with you safely and easily using their channel of choice (mobile, web, call center or in person) with seamless access, strong authentication and transaction verification.

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Mobile and Web Authentication

Call Center Authentication

Transaction Verification

Step-up Auth for Sensitive Transactions

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Password-less Web Authentication

Eliminate the risk of credential stuffing account takeover while delighting your customers with an amazing and transparent authentication experience.

Call Center Authentication Without Clunky and Invasive Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Empower Your Clients to Have Fast, Secure, and Hassle-Free Interactions with Your Call Center. Eliminate Fraud and Account Trolling by Making Your Mobile App the Centerpiece of Your Digital Transformation.

Strong and Frictionless Transaction Verification

Transform Your Business by Verifying and Executing Sensitive and High-Value Transactions at the Speed of Business, and at the Convenience of Your Customer.


Modern Security Platform for Digital Transformation

Uniken’s REL-ID is a modern security platform built to secure digital channels and transformation. By delivering a Unified Defense in Depth with Invisible Mutual Multifactor Authentication, we give you a bulletproof security foundation on which to build your digital infrastructure.

Strong and Frictionless Omnichannel Authentication

REL-ID delivers an amazing, secure, password-less, and consistent interaction model for your clients to connect with you across any channel of their choice

Asynchronous and Omnichannel Transaction Verification

Take trade orders via text. Request wire transfers by voicemail. Authorize the sharing of account transactions with other providers or family members via email. This is what true Digital Transformation looks like !!


REL-ID returns value within six months by driving your top line with new transaction models, offering previously risky transaction types over digital channels and greater customer satisification, all while reducing your bottom line

Transparent, Bulletproof, Omnichannel Client Interactions

Transact With Your Customers the Way THEY Want

Eliminate Call Center Fraud

Prevent Account Takeover

Eliminate Account Trolling

Fast Time-to-Value