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Big Data & Applied Analytics Digital Engagement Channels

AI Based Proactive & Personalized Engagement Platform. Predictive Insights & Advice on Day to Day Banking.

Personetics is an AI based proactive & personalized digital engagement platform which enable financial institutions to engage retail, wealth & SME customers with personalized insights, timely advice, contextual services & self-driving finance.

Personetics empowering the bank as the go-to financial partner for the customer. Dramatically increases customers’ engagement & products’ adoption.

Personetics provides, among others, Proactive Personal Insights & Guidance, Self-driving Money Management and SME Cashflow Optimization & Guidance.

Personetics is working with over 40 top tier banks & digital banks in North America, Europe & Asia

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Nationwide Moneywatch 

Personetics & Nationwide Implementation

Wells Fargo Predictive Banking

Personetics & Wells Fargo implementation

RBC Nomi

Personetics & RBC implementation


200+ out-of-the-box and verified smart insights

Balance Forecasting

Predicts upcoming activity, forecasts balance and calculates amount leftover

Automated Money Management Programs

Automated Savings, Debt Reductions and Investing Programs


Dramatically increases Customers’ engagement & Products’ adoption

2x savings rates for customers that opt-in for automated savings

20-30% higher mobile/digital customer engagement

30%+ improvement in NPS and 45% loyalty lift

Customers consistently rate our insights 4+ on a scale of 1-5

Increase Sales & Balance Growth in 10%-20%

Time to Market: Consumer facing pilot in 3-4 months