Create along with us using EdgeVerve’s Blockchain Framework

Blockchain is a disruptive and complex technology, but its applications for the Financial Services industry are relatively simple

EdgeVerve Blockchain Framework for Financial Services

Key Features

At Infosys Finacle, we are collaborating with more than 10 clients across the globe, in leveraging this framework for peer-to-peer payments, trade finance – open accounts and LC lifecycle, digital identity management, smart contracts, invoice financing and other diverse areas of business

Distributed & permissioned
Minimise costs of services. Better data openness, data integrity and security
Asset agnostic
Processing across variety of assets in a single network
Highly extensible
API layer that supports extensibility & admin tools, ensuring scalability, speed

Key Benefits

  • Faster processing times

  • Lowered cost per transaction

  • Reduced complexity of processes

  • Creates avenues for new business models

Know us

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