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As banks across the US seek to connect quickly and effectively with the digital generation, they have realized that competitive pricing can only take their business so far. For accelerated growth and sustained profitability, they need to aggressively onboard new customers while reducing the cost of servicing existing customers. Branchless delivery, with its promise of reduced costs and anytime-anywhere service experience for customers, has emerged as a viable solution. The reduced service distribution and transactions cost, that can then be passed on to customers or added directly to the bank’s bottom line, is gaining acceptance.

Direct Banking enables new age banks to onboard customers remotely with no hassles

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Faster onboarding with Direct Banking
Faster Onboarding powered by Finacle Direct Banking Solution

The leading banking solution suite in the industry that’s powering 16.5 % of world’s adult banked population

Powered by Finacle Universal Banking engine that addresses the core banking, CRM, wealth management and online banking needs of the bank to support true relationship banking

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