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How does ProximityPayEdge work?

Watch how it utilizes HCE, tokenization of cards and NFC for payment transaction and provides a highly secure, next-gen in-store payment solution for banks


Key features

The one-tap mobile payments solutions offers an easy way to pay in stores, while ensuring that both the transaction and the product itself are highly secure

Multiple Cards

Out-of-box integration with multiple card schemes – Visa and Mastercard

End-to-end Security

With unique token assignment and white-box cryptography

Choice of Apps

Choice of standalone or integrated banking app for the best fit in business

Wide Adoption

Wide consumer adoption probability with host-based Card Emulation (HCE) supported universally on Android 4.4 and above

Key benefits

While the product offers a solution to consumer’s payments needs, what are the benefits that a bank can accrue from ProximityPayEdge?

  • Upstream view of consumer behavior

  • Make it easy for your customers

  • Enable existing cards for NFC transactions

  • Lesser risk of fraud

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