Reduce risks

Reduce risks

Increase compliance

Increase compliance

Expedite reviews

Expedite reviews

The intelligent 360o contract extraction and review solution

Nia Contracts Analysis harnesses groundbreaking machine learning techniques such as deep learning and semantic modelling to empower procurement professionals with 360-degree visibility across the process of contract management.

This end-to-end solution addresses all your contract management needs within one comprehensive package. Automate extraction of intents and entity information, clause comparison and risk analysis. Expedite review and analysis of legal documents across multiple languages. Access insights in an easy-to-understand tabular format.

  • Nia Contracts Analysis

  • Contract Extraction and Digitization

  • Contract Redlining and Negotiation

  • Contract Intelligence and Analytics

  • Tracking Compliance and Revenue Leakage

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Harness Next Generation AI

Integrating seamlessly into your existing contract management system, Nia Contracts Analysis is unmatched in its ability to deliver cost-efficient contract intelligence, risk management and legal governance across the procurement lifecycle.

Prevent losses, prevent contract inefficiencies, plug compliance and revenue leaks while saving hours of time and effort of your attorneys, procurement and legal staff.


Case Studies


Nia AIOps enables AI-led Intelligent Ticket Enrichment for Finacle L3 product support team, improving the turnaround time by >30%

Finacle is the industry-leading digital banking solution suite helps traditional and emerging financial institutions drive true digital transformation to achieve frictionless customer experiences


How a large US-based bank digitizes and processes 100K+ loan applications with a 90% accuracy with Nia DocAI

Nia DocAI and its computer vision capability, our client was able to accelerate loan processing for PPP SBA loans with high accuracy, extracting data at the speed of 15,000 digital forms per hour.


A leading US aerospace parts manufacturer reduces average handling time by 50% with Infosys Nia and AssistEdge

Infosys Nia and AssistEdge, the client was able to achieve significant process optimization and cost savings for processes across Sales, Supply Chain, Purchase, Shipping, and Warehouse Operations.

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