Engage to Convert with FinXEdge Lend

What if financial institutions were able to engage effectively, without losing time in chasing wrong customers and offering products that do not resonate?

What if lenders were able to prevent attrition, indiscernible fallouts/ rejections, long fulfillment cycles and convert high quality customers?

FinXEdge Lend is a data-driven intelligence platform powered by advanced Machine Learning. It is designed to help lending organizations convert leads to customers. It helps improve sales and operational efficiencies and enhances customer experiences.

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Key Features

Finxedge Lead Quality icon

Lead Quality Indicator

Finxedge Product Recommender icon

Personalized Product Recommender

Finxedge Conversion Propensity icon

Conversion Propensity Model

Finxedge Channel Retention icon

Value-based LO/Channel Retention

Finxedge Channel Pricing icon

Value-based Channel Pricing

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Channel and Product Performance Indicator

Progressive Engagement and Retention

Loan Officer

  • Prioritizing the right customer to focus on
  • Staying engaged with customers and avoiding fallouts
  • Offering the right products to customers
  • Using customers preferred communication channels

FinXEdge Lend’s conversion propensity model helps loan officers predict the likelihood of conversion and fallouts, thereby creating retention strategies to improve conversions

Product recommender helps recommend the right product for customer-specific needs and preferred channels of communication

  • Improve lead-to-acceptance ratio by 20%

  • Reduce pipeline fallouts by 30%

Loan Processor

  • Prioritizing the right loans to work on
  • Prioritizing applications and avoiding fallouts
  • Fast-track processing for high-quality applications
  • Maintaining transparency and coordination with partners

FinXEdge Lend’s AI-based lead quality indicator help loan processors identify high-quality applications with the risk of fallout and recommends corrective strategies, for example Fast-track processing

It helps recommend intelligent skill-based channel routing that increases efficiency

  • Reduce pipeline fallouts by 30%

  • Reduce lending time by 25%

Sales Leader

  • Prioritizing right channels to accelerate loan origination
  • Helping channels that are ineffective
  • Arresting LO attrition
  • Increasing sales conversion at every level
  • Increasing sales productivity
  • Originating good loans

FinXEdge Lend’s AI-based channel and product performance indicators help sales leaders predict loan conversion and fallout rate at a branch/region/channel level

It enables creating strategies that would improve conversion and sales productivity

  • Improve channel sales productivity by 20%

  • Improve lead-to-funding ratio by 30%

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