2021: We all Become Challenger Banks

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About the Webinar

The emergence of new challenger banks marks a key milestone in APAC financial services. At long last, the competition is expanding and the rules of engagement are changing.

Challenger banks rely on open, agile, and cost-efficient technology architectures as they compete using hyper-personalized products and services. They are here to raise the standards for technology-enabled innovations. However, it may come to be that their greatest contribution to financial services will be beyond the realm of capturing market share or creation of new markets. Their influence on the industry at large will be to push every player to act and operate like a challenger bank themselves.

In this session, panelists discuss how 2021 calls for new banking business models with focus on customer journeys, underpinned by the ability to innovate fast as a key point of differentiation. To support this paradigm shift, banks need solutions which not just provide right business capabilities but also leverage technologies like Open APIs, Cloud native development and more.

Watch the recording to find out how financial services in APAC is being reshaped for good and how in 2021 we all become challenger banks.

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