Key features

Robust Solution powered by a unified platform for front office and back office wealth management activities

Financial planning
Client centric capabilities: risk profiling, goal planning and order management
Sophisticated Portfolio Management
Portfolio modeling, analysis and reporting on portfolio performance
Multiple Asset Class
Allows end to end processing across multiple asset classes
Leveraged Products
Loans against securities, Security Margin Financing and leveraged transactions
Configurable Fee & Commissions
Enables Calculation & reconciliation of fee & Commissions
Back office Operations
Effective reconciliation across Transactions, Holdings & Bank revenues

Key benefits

  • Enhances digital engagement with omnichannel access

  • Unified platform across asset classes & segments

  • Operational efficiency via STP for all asset classes

  • Open architecture for seamless integration across applications

  • Prevents revenue leaks through commission reconciliation

  • Effective controls via Audit, exceptions and referral mechanism

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