Small Finance Bank Solution

Finacle Small Finance Bank solution is a one-stop solution designed for Small Finance Banks, which are to play an important role in the supply of credit to the unorganized sector and micro, small and, medium enterprises (MSME). It is pre-configured and pre-integrated, and ready to be deployed out of the box. With a comprehensive solutions set, it aligns, optimizes, and integrates with specific business elements.

Key solution highlights

  • A pre-configured product. It includes liability, asset, and trade finance modules, to quickly launch innovative, and relevant products with a fast time-to-market
  • Industry segment specific solutions relevant to the needs of the MSME segment, to accelerate business growth, along with a contextual digital banking offering
  • Integrated with a world class, highly robust enterprise payment solution, with comprehensive support for existing payment schemes, along with the ability to design new payment methods
  • Supports seamless 24x7 operations, enabling customers to transact with zero interruption
  • Full support for assisted banking functionality, to enable last mile availability of banking services
  • Embedded analytics to generate insights to support strategic business decisions, and enable customized offerings
  • Comprehensive suite of complementary solutions
  • Deployable on a wide variety of platforms
  • Application program interface (API) based integration framework – a future-ready architecture to embrace monetization of open APIs, by co-innovating with the partner ecosystem

Finacle brings its vast experience of working with over 67% of the top 40 commercial banks, more than 100 cooperative banks, and 54% of regional rural banks (RRB) in India. All this translates to global best practices, contextual products, and a repository of unrivalled experience. Independent industry analysts, consistently rate this proven technology platform as a leader.

Key business benefits

Shorter time to market
The pre-configured and pre-integrated solution offering comes pre-packaged with demand deposit, payment products, channel offerings, and interfaces to commonly used merchants / aggregators, switch systems, and the likes. With this solution, small finance banks can focus on their business, while their infrastructure and operations are managed effectively.

More avenues for revenue
The Finacle Small Finance Bank solution offers an unlimited palette of features to design, and deploy differentiated products for various market segments. With this solution, banks will be able to offer differential pricing, set up channel rules, and easily customize offerings based on need.

Efficiency of costs and operations
With cost effectiveness being a key imperative for the success of small finance banks, the Finacle solution comes as a highly optimized, hosted offering with innovative pricing options. It also offers branch automation, favorably impacting costs, and productivity metrics.

Get future-ready
With Finacle, banks will have a significantly faster time-to-market advantage, as and when regulators liberalize the large bouquet of services. Banks will also enjoy the additional benefit of experiencing new innovative offerings periodically, as Finacle makes significant investments in research and development to stay ahead of the competition.

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