Key offerings

Study of Current Processes
Study of current processes and key stakeholder imperatives through site-visits to key business offices including the bank’s back office
Structured Reviews of Parameters
Structured reviews of functional and technical parameters set in the bank’s environment
Mapping Current Processes
Mapping current processes against proven best practices deployed by global banks, powered by Finacle
Streamlining IT-Business Process
Streamlining IT-business process alignment and optimize utilization of Finacle, with input from key stakeholders including heads of departments
Workshops for the Bank’s Core Team
Workshops for the bank’s core team detailing the features presented by newer versions and implementations of Finacle
Finacle Value Mining Recommendations Report
Finacle value mining recommendations report, premised on discussions with the bank’s team, capabilities of the Finacle suite of solutions and an understanding of global best practices
Assistance for Implemention of Recommendations
Assistance for the bank in implementing proposed recommendations and realizing its benefits

Business benefits

  • Greater productivity

  • Greater operational efficiency; reduced costs

  • Customer delight