Training & Certifications

Any transformation program is not complete until the end users have a complete understanding of the technology and functionality of the underlying solution. Finacle is committed to providing comprehensive and high quality solutions to its customers. Finacle is also the partner to banks in over 94 countries, helping them address key education and training related needs for customers as well as end users. The training and certification programs offered by Finacle cover the functional and technical aspects of the Finacle suite of solutions. Finacle also collaborates with Education Partners who help in propagating the domain functionality underlying the Finacle Platform, from an end user’s perspective.


Certifications offered

The Finacle Certified Professional Exam is aimed at setting up a benchmark and validation of the functional and technical expertise of various professionals, bankers, students, financial experts and Finacle partners

Finacle Core Ver.10 Advanced Functional Certification

Finacle Core Ver.10.2 Advanced Technical Certification

Finacle e Banking Ver. 11.2 Techno Functional Certification

Finacle Ver 11.x Enterprise Payments System

Finacle Ver 11.x Enterprise Liquidity management system

Finacle E Banking Ver 11.2.x Technical Certification

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