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Key offerings

Program Management

Focusing on quality and project delivery excellence, Finacle’s time-tested experience in project management

Solution Management

Designing, implementing, sustaining and enhancing the solution development framework, by enforcing strong governance

Integration/Dependency Management

Designing the integration methodology and architecture

Infrastructure Management

Provision of infrastructure components for the proposed solution

Migration Management

Designing and implementing migration strategies for the application, content, platform and database

Service-level Management

Managing groups of vendors and enforcing governance, on behalf of the bank, to enable efficient deliver of the overall solution

Business Transformation

These services entail organization development consulting, to ensure that the bank is ready for large-scale management shifts

Implementation and Training Support

Overall implementation planning and training support to empower end users, administrators and subject matter experts to leverage the end state infrastructure

Business benefits

  • Minimized costs

  • Minimized risks

  • Improved business results