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Key modules

Version Migration Toolkit

Leveraging the ‘Version Migration Toolkit’ to ably manage the migration journey

Custom-configuration of Parameters

Custom-configuration of parameters in the new technology platform that define business rules pertaining to currencies, interest, pricing, penalties, dealers and direct selling agents for the bank

Business Readiness with the Relevant Operating System

Validation and certification of the Finacle upgrade, for compatibility and business readiness with the relevant Operating System (OS) and database versions

Addressing Generic Issues

Fixing issues generic issues faced by banks leveraging the newly deployed version of Finacle

Application Support During the Testing Phase

Application support during the testing phase, to enable the bank to implement strong quality processes and drive down cost of quality

Workshops for the Bank’s Core Team

Workshops for the bank’s core team detailing features presented by the new version and implementation of Finacle

Post-migration Support

Post-migration support to assist the bank to stabilize operations on the new technology platform

Business benefits

  • Manage disruptive incidents

  • Support from vendors of operating systems and data

  • User acceptance and deployment testing

  • Articulation of the business value of the project

  • Minimized adverse impact on customer service

  • Business enablement from a robust transformation

  • Optimized IT investments

  • Protection for the bank’s technology investments