FinacleConnect is a half-yearly journal on banking technology. It explores the latest trends and developments in the banking industry, and includes interviews with the world's leading bankers and Finacle leaders. The journal’s reader base comprises industry leaders and senior executives from banks, financial institutions, and research organizations.

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  • #TrulyDigital Banking 

    The Fintech Revolution

    Oct – Dec 2016 / Issue 33

    Cover story: Live and Let Live: Fintechs and Banks Chant the Collaboration Mantra
    Interview: Trunomi, RBL Bank, Let’s Talk Payments


  • #TrulyDigital Banking 

    #TrulyDigital Banking

    Jan – June 2016 / Issue 32

    Cover story: A Renewal Strategy Towards Truly Digital Banking
    Interview: Fidor Bank, Lending Club, Idea Bank

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  • The Banking Renewal 

    The Banking Renewal

    July – December 2015 / Issue 31

    Cover story: A Renew Strategy for Banking Transformation
    Interview: Directing Innovation: Discover Financial Services


  • Mobile-For-All Banking 

    Mobile-For-All Banking

    January – June 15 / Issue 30

    Cover story: Mobility First for Banks
    Feature: Retail Banking Goes upwardly Mobile


  • Banking on channels 

    Banking on channels

    July – Dec 14 / Issue 29

    Cover story: It is all in the experience
    Innovation: CaixaBank and Jibun Bank innovation stories


  • Let’s Simplify Banking 

    Let’s simplify banking

    January – June 14 / Issue 28

    Cover story - From complexity to competitive advantage
    Feature - Simplifying banking: bringing it back to the basics

  • Mapping the Treasury Business 

    Mapping the treasury business

    July – December 13 / Issue 27

    Cover story - Mapping the treasury business
    Feature - Impact of global regulatory change

  • Banks take to the Cloud - Banking Journal 

    Banks take to the cloud

    January – June 13 / Issue 26

    Cover story - Banks take to the cloud
    Feature - Busting the myths of banking on the cloud

  • The Age of Digital Commerce 

    The age of digital commerce

    July – December 12 / Issue 25

    Cover story - The age of digital commerce
    Feature - The future is banking, just not as we know it!

  • Building future banks 

    Building future banks

    January – June 12 / Issue 24

    Cover story - Building future banks
    Interview between Chris Skinner and Donald Norman, Co-founder Bitcoin Consultancy Ltd.

  • Optimizing Efficiencies 

    Optimizing efficiencies

    July – December 11 / Issue 23

    Cover story - The do more with less mantra
    Interview between Chris Skinner and Ian Buchanan, Global CIO at SociétéGénérale Corporate and Investment Banking

  • Innovation for agile banking 

    Innovation for agile banking

    January – March 10 / Issue 20

    Interview - Anurag Saxena, Executive Director and COO First City Monument Bank
    Cover story - 10 innovative ways to achieve greater agility in 2010

  • Enabling Innovation 

    Enabling innovation

    October – December 09 / Issue 19

    Interview - Nilsen Altintas, Head of Innovation and Cemal Kismir, Head of Retail Banking, Turkish Economy Bank
    Cover story - 8 points to ponder for banks seeking to innovate

  • Orchestrating Customer Experience 

    Orchestrating customer experience

    July – September 09 / Issue 18

    Interview with Rasheed A Adegoke, CIO, First Bank of Nigeria
    Cover story - Delivering customer experience that delights

  • Growth Through Channels 

    Growth through channels

    April – June 09 / Issue 17

    Interview Wanda Guttas, Executive Vice President Union Bank, USA
    Cover story - The evolution of banking channels

  • Winning in the Turns 

    Winning in the turns

    January – March 09 / Issue 16

    Interview Mike Wood, CIO, Raiffeisen International
    Cover story - Winning in the turns

  • Wealth Management 

    Wealth management

    October – December 08 / Issue 15

    Interview Sean Gilchrist, Director of Digital Banking Barclays Bank
    Cover story - Wealth management: The symphony

  • Mobile Banking 

    Mobile banking

    July – September 08 / Issue 14

    Interview - Francisco González, Chairman and CEO, BBVA Nandan Nilekani, Co-Chairman, Infosys
    Cover story - Mobile banking: Possibilities unwired

  • Islamic Banking 

    Islamic banking

    April – June 08 / Issue 13

    Interview - Somnath Menon, Head of Operations, Mashreq Bank
    Cover story - Islamic banking: The emerging experience

  • Shifting demographics in banking 

    Shifting demographics in banking

    January – March 08 / Issue 12

    Interview - Elsie Foh, David Milligan, DBS Bank
    Cover story - Banking strategies and transitioning demographics

  • Win in the flat world 

    Win in the flat world

    June 07 – August 07 / Issue 10

    Interview - Roberto Nicastro Head of Retail, UniCredit
    Cover story - Banking in the flat world

  • Enterprise payments 

    Enterprise payments

    February 07 – April 07 / Issue 09

    View point - Australia and New Zealand banking industry
    Interview - Brian Hartzer, Group Managing Director Personal Division, ANZ

  • Online security 

    Online security

    November 06 – January 07 / Issue 08

    Industry round table - Online security
    Tech watch - Distributed transactions

  • Compliance 


    August 06 – October 06 / Issue 07

    Interview with Jim Arthur Amos Head IT Planning & Governance Nationwide, UK
    Cover story - Compliant on compliance

  • Customer relationship management 

    Customer relationship management

    May 06 – July 06 / Issue 06

    Interview with Gerd Schenkel and Paul Newton
    Customer relationship management – Experts view point

  • The next wave of internet banking 

    The next wave of internet banking

    February 06 – April 06 / Issue 05

    Interview with Jim Smith and Danny Peltz
    Internet banking - Experts view point

  • Creating a risk-free enterprise 

    Creating a risk-free enterprise

    November 05 – January 06 / Issue 04

    The Implementation challenges facing Basel II
    Case study - Credit Suisse

  • The various aspects of BPM in banking 

    The various aspects of BPM in banking

    August – October 05 / Issue 03

    Interview with Mike Grime, Managing Director of Operations, Technology and Shared Services, ANZ
    Case study on ICICI Bank

  • Challenges of core banking replacement 

    Challenges of core banking replacement

    May – July 05 / Issue 02

    An interview with Rabo bank’s senior executive VP on the strategic role of technology
    Case study on NCB Jamaica

  • Technology led banking transformation 

    Technology led banking transformation

    January – March 05 / Issue 01

    How bank CEO’s rate business and technology concerns
    Core banking replacements-managing risks

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