Accelerate your bank’s competitiveness with Core Banking on Cloud

Legacy core banking systems running on on-premises services are designed for a bygone era, ill-equipped for the digital age. Their monolithic architecture hinders them from keeping pace with the exponential growth of digital transactions and the relentless innovation demanded by today’s customers. This outdated tech translates to sluggish user experiences and stifles banks’ ability to offer the cutting-edge financial products and services that fuel growth.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: migrating to a composable core banking system on cloud.

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Explore 4 powerful cloud adoption strategies

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Learn more about Finacle Core Banking

Multi- faceted transformation

Adopt multi-pronged transformation approaches for application migration

Embrace the multicloud paradigm

Banks must adopt a hybrid multicloud strategy to unlock value and take a best-of-breed approach for choosing a suitable cloud provider

Play the hybrid game

The key is to strike the right balance between on-premise, private and public cloud options depending on the use cases

Go the full distance and unlock the value

Embrace Comprehensive Strategies for Maximum Value

Power your Digital Strategy with a Robust Foundation

Built on advanced architecture, Finacle Core Banking Solution offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to power your banks’ digital transformation. With Finacle Core Banking Solution, your bank will gain a comprehensive set of capabilities, including flexible product factories, extensive parameterization, product bundling and reusable business components, to help accelerate innovation led growth. With its real-time processing engine, open APIs and embedded customer insights, Finacle delivers one of the most advanced digital banking foundations to engage demanding consumers.

Market benchmarking

From On-Premise to Cloud, Finacle is rated a Leader across the board

Finacle Core Banking Solution has consistently been rated a Leader across evaluations, with the latest acknowledgement being Leader in Cloud-based core banking, in the Omdia Universe: Cloud-based Core Banking, 2023 report.

Omdia analysts Philip Benton and Ouliana Smith mentions in the report:

  • Infosys Finacle has the widest solution breadth with the broadest platform capability and achieved one of the highest scores for core platform capability by providing a wide range of capabilities out-of-the-box that would suit complex deployments.
  • Finacle is a clear leader in product support and has been an early enabler of open banking, largely due to the regulatory requirements of its largest customers, and its clients have already leveraged the solution’s capabilities to develop new business models for API-led distribution of banking products and payments.
  • As an established vendor dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, it is well-placed to maintain its leadership position in the future.
  • Finacle has a cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, componentized, layered, and open APIs-led microservices architecture.

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Microservices architecture

Stateless processes



Declarative APIs and RESTful APIs


Service mesh

Observability and analysis

Container registry and run times

Streaming and messaging

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