Finacle on AWS for Banks

Finacle and Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide financial services institutions a secure, resilient, global cloud platform to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.

Finacle has one of the widest range of features and functionalities. Through Finacle SaaS on AWS, access new features and updates faster

Faster time to market
Deployment of Finacle solutions on AWS is faster than on-premises, speeding up innovation and time to market

Highly Scalable
AWS Auto Scaling helps traditional banks and startups ramp up banking compute services, in line with key areas of business growth

The end-to-end managed services of Finacle on the AWS Cloud will empower the bank to focus on our core businesses and scale our retail and corporate banking operations. We are looking to benefit from a steady stream of innovations and lower TCO and a quick time to market.

Dennis Omila
Chief Information and Operations Officer, Union Bank of the Philippines

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Accelerate cloud journeys with Finacle & AWS

Finacle’s digital banking solution suite on AWS brings the full benefits of the cloud to banking, delivering business agility, lower total cost of ownership, automated intelligent operations and accelerated ecosystem innovation

Agility for innovation led growth

Reduction in total cost of ownership

Automated, intelligent operations

Accelerated innovation with ecosystem

Agility for innovation led growth


Fully automated containerized deployment, completed within hours

CI/CD pipeline – DevOps toolchains to build, test, deploy, and monitor new capabilities at speed

Shorter time to market- New instances can be commissioned and decommissioned in minutes

Reduction in total cost of ownership


Pay as you consume, No Peak sizing : Dynamic deployment basis business growth

Managed Services brings transparency in TCO, eliminates overheads of multiple vendors and offers better predictability on Application-level SLAs

Optimization of non-production environments; avoid overprovisioning; infrastructure shut down during non-working hours

Automated, intelligent operations


Automatic Scale-Out and Scale-Back enables rapid adaptation to traffic volume changes

Real time observability and information on health and state of the application and key business and technical metrics

Robust Business Continuity through High Availability and Disaster Recovery capabilities

Accelerated innovation with ecosystem


Hardware Innovation with Nitro and AWS Graviton providing significantly better value at unit prices

DBaaS enables simplified operations with lower cost

Hybrid cloud option with AWS outposts, where a pure-play public cloud adoption is not possible