Key features

The Finanz Tools Solution seeks to engage banking customers with personalized graphical product illustrations

Personalizing the Customer's Financial Journey
Powerful tools and illustrations to empower customers perform multiple research inquiries with real time feedback and insights
Demonstrating Outcomes
Finanz Tools recreate product situations that match customer requirements
Creating Product Comparisons
Real-time comparison of similar products to demonstrate change in outcome
Supporting Multiple Lines of Business
Lines of business supported include: Retail banking, Wealth Management, Corporate banking, Insurance and Credit Cards
Accelerating Decision Process
Ensures a tracking free interfact to offer customers privacy in their personal research
Enhancing Trust Value for the Bank
Builds trust factor for the bank, by allowing customers to easily navigate across product options and selection nuances

Key benefits

  • Greater relevance with predictive modeling

  • Deployable across all sales channels

  • Seamless integration with multiple products

  • Increase in sales and operational efficiencies

  • Map products to customers and shorter sales cycles

  • Makes the customer journey interactive

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